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I am Principal at St Joseph's School, Oamaru. I believe the impulse to learn and grow is a natural human impulse. My aim is to help my learners stay in touch, or get in touch, with their natural engagement with the world around them and their love of learning.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

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As I walk a throw deep dark forest  with my recon team looking for survivor that were hiding in a banker that had been attacked by the Japanese  when they got there everything was really silent they saw movement  in the trees the we hid in a bush the Japanese. We just  lay there silently waiting for them to leave then they turned round to make sure. They were not being watched when we checked our backs they seen there were no one they look there were they had a left so we walk in to the banker there were 4 survivors tied to a chair we ripped the rope off and took. Them back to base and reported the damage.   

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